Student Well Being

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At Holy Spirit Community School we are committed to creating inclusive, engaging, safe and mutually respectful environments where all member of the community flourish

Our Wellbeing program support the social, emotional, physical, cognitive and spiritual needs of our students.

Our Wellbeing leader, core team and staff understand that ‘wellbeing’ is not just about being happy, but also about being resilient, connected with others and having healthy relationships.

Student Wellbeing and learning is optimised with the provision of a safe and effective learning environment that fosters individual potential in partnership with the school community and families.

Our school Wellbeing program includes:

  • A Grief and Loss Peer Support program called ‘Seasons’

  • A school counsellor

  • Wellbeing team meetings

  • Whole school Christian meditation

  • A Meditation garden

  • Zero tolerance to all types of bullying

  • Peer buddies across the school

  • A Student Representative Council

  • Close links with our local aged care facility, Gracedale

  • Positive behaviour expectations using our STAR acronym
    (Stay safe, Try your Best, Act Responsibly and Respect others)

  • Curriculum units which support the education of values, safety, resilience and social connectedness

  • Incursions and expert presenters to work with our students and teachers