Holy Spirit Help Hotline

Sometimes you just need to let someone know there’s something you are concerned about. We won’t panic and go crazy, we check if it’s an issue and then find the right person to help. Select the level of your concern from the faces above, fill in the details and inform us.
'That's not cool'
Have you seen something and you want it to stop! You don't feel comfortable with the person involved.

Eg: Name calling, consistent bad language misuse of ICT devices, not including in games.
What will we do? 
We will verify the situation and monitor the people involved.
'Something's Wrong'
You know something needs to be done and think someone will get hurt if nobody helps out.

Eg: Rumours,  verbal bullying
What will we do? 
We will verify the situation. We may speak with you or others involved and look to remedy the situation as best we can.
'It's really bad'
You need help fast. Something maybe illegal or someone is going to get seriously hurt unless a teacher or parent helps.

Eg: Physical bullying, CyberBullying, Theft
What will we do? 
We will investigate further details in the situation. We will do our best to keep you anonymous and provide support to people involved.