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The Parish grounds are home to: the Parish House and Chapel, the Church/Hall, North Ringwood Community Centre, Out of School Hours Care House, and The School.

The school operates as an integral part of Holy Spirit Parish. This is reflected by the involvement and support of the Parish Priest and the parish team.

Parish Vision Statement

Our parish is an open and extended family celebrating our faith in Jesus together committed to the challenges of Christ in our world today and constanly reaching out with love and compassion to all.

For enquiries please contact:

Holy Spirit Parish
120 Oban Rd
Nth. Ringwood, 3134

Telephone: 9876 3717
Email: ringwoodnorth@cam.org.au
Website: http://www.holyspiritparish.org.au

Parish Priest: Fr. Shibu Joseph
Parish Secretary: Jenny Philip; Ruth Frangeskakis
Parish House Hostess: Kerry O'Leary; Mary Yeo
Parish Pastoral Worker: Tina Toomey
Religious Education Co-ordinator: Ana Sarro