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Parent Involvement

Holy Spirit Community School wholeheartedly welcomes the involvement of parents in our school. The staff appreciates enormously the time and effort parents give to making Holy Spirit the best we can be.
As a school we have worked tirelessly to improve the facilities for our children and staff. We know we are very well equipped with the appropriate resources to educate our children for the future. Much of what we have done is due to the never ending support of our parents who continually contribute to the upgrading of resources, grounds and facilities. 

Of course it is not compulsory for parents to assist, but any assistance is always appreciated. Ways in which parents can be involved are:

Classroom Programs:

All parents are most welcome to assist with classroom programs. This support can offered via helping with Literacy and Numeracy blocks, attending excursions, helping out with sporting events, assisting teachers on a needs basis. There is a multitude of ways parents can help in classrooms.

Sacramental Programs:

As the Sacramental Programs are Parish based, parents have the opportunity to support the program by becoming leaders, or simply by availing the use of their home for meetings.

Parents and Friends:

The P & F at Holy Spirit is an amazingly dynamic and busy group who support the school in many ways – fundraising and social activities to name but two. The P & F meet monthly in a very social atmosphere, New members are always welcome to attend.

School Board:

The School Board is an elected body, consisting of both parent and staff representatives. The Board is advisory to the Principal and acts as a forum for discussion on matters concerning education in the School. The Board is actively involved in the ongoing development of the School striving for the best. Meetings are held twice per term, with the AGM being held each November.

Uniform Shop:

The Uniform Shop supplies most of the uniform requirements for our children. The Shop is run by volunteer parents and is open Wednesday mornings and Thursday afternoons.

Maintenance Committee:

This Committee oversees the working bees and other such activities around the school. There are two to three working bees held each year with special projects being attended to on a needs basis. This Committee not only helps maintain the grounds but provides a social aspect as well.


The Out of School Hours Care committee oversees our growing OSHC program. Meetings are held monthly with the purpose of supporting the Director in areas of policy, budgets etc.