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At Holy Spirit Community School, we provide an inclusive approach to literacy learning with an emphasis on deepening our students’ knowledge and skills in the areas of Reading and Viewing, Writing and Speaking and Listening. Literacy is an important lifelong skill that is fundamental in enabling all students to fully engage in all aspects of their education.  This includes academic, social and religious experiences of their school life and beyond.

Student disposition and motivation are important factors in literacy learning. Our team planning approach helps create integrated, relevant, meaningful and purposeful units of work.  Digital technology is another way in Literacy to listen, view, respond and communicate throughout. Data helps us to create profiles of our students’ needs enabling differentiated and personalised learning for individuals and groups in our classes.  Intervention practices and strategies used are evidenced based to foster success for our students with varying needs.  The Australian Curriculum is used for ongoing assessment and reporting and a basis for our planning in English.