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The Holy Spirit Japanese program commenced in 2014 following many years of Italian studies. This reflected the increasing appreciation and strengthening of our  relationship with  the Asian community worldwide. All students from Foundation to Grade 6 study Japanese for 45 minutes once a week.

A highlight of the program is the visit to the school by primary school students from Japan in Term Three. Kai, Noa and Ayana participate in regular classes for 2 weeks, learning and engaging with our students. This provides an invaluable cultural experience for both the staff and students involved.

In 2015, Atsuko Parker, a volunteer Japanese aide, has been a part of our Japanese program. Atsuko works with classes across all levels, helping further the student's’ communication skills and cultural awareness.

Lessons are designed to widen students’ appreciation of the Japanese culture. Language is taught to enable students to communicate in both the written and oral form. Students are exposed to the language through teacher modelling and through written and ICT resources.

Students begin their studies learning to introduce themselves. Later topics are selected as part of integrated studies where possible. This includes, Seasons and Weather, Family, Going Places and Shopping. Vocabulary and expressions are taught through teacher modelling, games, songs and writing. Assessment is based on oral performance, written and inquiry based projects.