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eSmart & eLearning

Holy Spirit Community School is proud to be an accredited eSmart School. For more information

about eSmart schools please click here.

At Holy Spirit, students attend weekly classes in our Multimedia Centre which houses over 30 PC Desktops, allowing all students the opportunity for one to one technology linked lessons.

Throughout the school, all students, have access to the use of iPads to assist and drive learning. Students create and collaborate using iPads to enhance and engage their learning.

In Grade 3-6, classrooms have class sets of Chromebooks which allows for 1:1 use of technology using Google Apps to assist and engage all types of learning. All classrooms have access to class sets of iPads to assist in all areas of the curriculum.


We are a Google Apps for Education School, where all staff are active with Google Apps as well as our senior students.

classrooms actively engage in Skype lessons from around the world. We believe that connected classrooms are engaged classrooms.


We are proud to be an accredited eSmart School. For more information about eSmart schools please click here