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The term curriculum encompasses everything we do. It is the business of our school. At Holy Spirit, curriculum not only includes the core subjects of Literacy, Numeracy and Integrated Curriculum, but also focusses on the spiritual, physical and social needs of our students.   Through our curriculum at Holy Spirit our goal is to educate the ‘Whole Child’ by:

  • Enabling the learner

  • Engaging the learner

  • Challenging our students

  • Providing a secure environment

  • Exploring multiple perspectives

  • Encouraging the students to think and work cooperatively

  • Allowing them to reflect on their learning

  • Providing opportunities where they manage themselves as individuals

What is Integrated Inquiry?

Integrated Inquiry at Holy Spirit Community School is taught through the content and processes of the Learning Areas and general capabilities of the Australian Curriculum.  Our approach emphasises the inclusion of thinking skills, research skills, social skills, values and attitudes. Significant understandings are developed about the social, physical and scientific world.

Assessment and Reporting

Assessment is a process concerned with the ongoing, cumulative collection and analysis of information that assists student learning and progress. It is gathered over time, in different ways and on various occasions to identify performance about curriculum goals, outcomes, strengths, weaknesses, skills, abilities and attitudes that are relevant to a student’s context. The information is recorded to guide planning and provide feedback to the students themselves, as well as parents, teachers, outside agencies and other governing bodies.

Reporting is the accurate and constructive information communicated to a range of audiences that includes students, parents, teachers, outside agencies and governing bodies. It uses a variety of strategies, approaches, techniques and practices in both formal and informal ways as its foundation.

It involves relaying information on student performance, skills, achievements and expectations to relevant stakeholders. It provides evidence and advice for future planning, and action.

We support an ongoing approach to assessment and reporting, in which we link curriculum and classroom practice with assessment.